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Colouring metals requires accurate recipes. My new vases for &tradition show the results of research on metals and their true colours; a direct relationship between colour, material and information.” True Colours is a new series of vases by Lex Pott for &tradition. Each of the seven vases is made from a different oxidised metal — copper, steel, brass, and aluminium — while featuring a contrasting and highly polished segment. The subtle chromatic result shows the true colours of each metal, both in its polished and oxidised state. In addition to revealing the rich palette of each metal, True Colours also plays on the contrast between the rough, organic facture of the oxidised patina and the lustrous surface of the polished segment. “Since the reaction of the patina is organic,” says Pott, “every vase is unique but remains reproducible.” The seven vases in the True Colours Vase series come in blue, terracotta, and black brass, white aluminium, green copper, and brown steel. All vary in size — from 10 cm to 24 cm in height and from 6.5 cm to 10.5 cm in diameter — but follow the same principle of production. While each vase is a unique piece that works on its own, together the members of the True Colours family complement each other beautifully.

Product Specifications

Brass, copper, steel, and aluminium

Blue brass, White aluminium, Terracotta brass, Green copper, Brown steel, Black brass.


0.4 kg, 1.2 kg, 0.8 kg, 0.6 kg, 0.4 kg, 0.5 kg


The metal tube is first oxidized to obtain its distinct colour. A thin layer is then milled off to create a contrast between the oxidized and milled finish of the metal. The product is finally covered with clear lacquer to avoid further oxidation of the metal. All vases are supplied with a plastic inner-vase that can be taken out to ensure easy cleaning.


LP1 - Ø10cm/3.9in x H20cm/7.9in - White aluminium LP2 - Ø10cm/3.9in x H24cm/9.4in - Terracotta brass LP3 - Ø8cm/3.1in x H20cm/7.9in - Green copper
LP4 - Ø8cm/3.1in x H10cm/3.9in - Brown steel LP5 - Ø10.5cm/4.1in x H14cm/5.5in - Blue brass LP6 - Ø6.5cm/2.6in x H16cm/6.3in - Black brass LP7 - Ø8cm/3.1in x H18cm/7.1in - Brown steel

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