Normann Copenhagen Agnes Vase

Notes & Details

The Agnes Vase is a simple and contrasting range of vases that have been decorated with intense black brush strokes. The vases have been hand-painted which makes each one different and gives them all their own unique personality. The contrast between the fine white porcelain and the intense black brush strokes of the vases gives them a raw and graphic feel.  


The Agnes vase is available in seven different sizes and is a beautiful piece either with or without content. Use one vase by itself, place several different sizes together or create your own look by combining the Agnes vase with other vases from around the home.


Normann Copenhagen was established in 1999 with a vision to make a difference in the design industry.   Since then their homeware range has expanded to include furniture and lighting.   Today, Normann Copenhagen continues to introduce exciting, bold and contemporary design products.  


You can place an order for out of stock items. If out of stock please allow 6 -8 weeks for delivery. Contact us for further details regarding delivery.  

Product Specifications

  • MATERIAL:Porcelain
  • Made of porcelain with hand-painted brushstrokes making each vase different from the next. 
  • Agnes comes in seven different sizes. 
  • Hand wash only. 


  • Height 6cm, ø5
  • Height 9cm, ø6.6
  • Height 12cm, ø7.6
  • Height 20.6cm, ø11
  • Height 16.6, ø 18
  • Height 26, ø15
  • Height 32, ø13

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