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With Box, Danish designer Peter Johansen wanted to make a steel table with right angles as the bearing design principle for both the tabletop and legs. The designer has taken advantage of the fact that material is strengthened when a piece of metal is bent and created a solid table with a unique look. One of the fine details is the rounded edges that soften up the table's sharp lines. 

Peter Johansen says: ”I had a clear picture of the table in my head right from the beginning. So the design process was more about finding the exact proportions. Even though the Box Table is made of steel, it has a light feel. Just like when two pieces of paper are glued together. And it is precisely the interaction between the thin lines and the strong material that create a nice contrast”.

Design: Peter Johansen

Product Specifications


PRODUCT INFO: Clean with damp cloth.


SIZE & WEIGHT:Depth: 33 cm
Height: 60 cm
Length: 60 cm
Weight: 6,7 kg

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