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There’s a new bird in town.

Howdy Owl is a mix of wisdom and creativity and a decorative celebration of what is truly original. Inspired by the mysticism, wisdom and magic often associated with the owl, Howdy Owl manifests a both simplistic and arresting presence.

“We wanted to create a sculptural expression with no other purpose than being a clear decorative invitation to make observations. In this sense Howdy Owl is a call for action. An invitation to ask questions and replicate or be inspired by the owls wisdom and knowledge,” explains designer Andreas Engevik.

The owl has a long and strong tradition of representing appreciated characteristics such as wisdom and insight and has enjoyed an especially high status in the Western tradition of depiction. Much of the mysticism relates to humans knowing the owl very well but very rarely seeing them in the wild.

“We were deeply fascinated by the concept of making something both surprising and completely understated. The unity of both is our decorative tribute to the originality that fuels most design processes,” says designer Andreas Engevik.

The Howdy Owl is cut from one piece of lime wood and comes in two different sizes.

Product Specifications

Material: Wood


Size: H14cm, D12,3cm, W18cm

Vendors & Categories

Category: bird, decoration, decorative, figurine, menu, owl, wood

Vendor: Menu

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