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Placemat in recycled leather

Curve is our signature shape. It is a different, freer form. It is dynamic and alive and adds life and dynamics to your table setting. Our special optimized recycled leather raised the traditional form and gives it a more unconventional look. It is more alive and eye-catching, and gives your table setting a different, more modern look. At the same time, our optimized recycled leather also allows you to easily clean placemats with glass cleaner, and that the surface repels dirt and water.

Sustainable Danish design

On the other side, we have used our special optimized recycled leather. A material, which makes our TABLE MAT reject both dirt and water, makes it easy to clean and is also sustainable. These two elements ensure that our curved TABLE MAT is something special and the optimal solution for setting the table. The curved shape is designed so that the TABLE MAT has room for a glass, but is also designed to take up the least amount of space on the table.

TABLE MAT is durable and easy to clean with a wet cloth or window spray.



Product Specifications

Material qualities


  • 80% recycled leather and 20% natural rubber
  • 3 times harder surface than ordinary leather
  • Durable
  • Water and dirt repellent
  • Easy to clean
  • Sustainable



S 24 x 28cm

L 37 x 44cm


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Vendor: LindDNA