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A gorgeous dark colour , this vase is perfect for flowers or any other kind of decorative application…we just like to collect them.   It also looks amazing as a candle holder, just fill with an inch of water and some tea lights! 

Every Henry Dean object is created out of mouth blown and handmade glass. The use of a wooden mould is a very primitive technique to create glass objects and has to be performed by the skilled hands of real artisans. Each time this mould is used, it burns out a little bit, thus giving each object its unique, handmade character.

Applying color to glass and experimenting with different techniques separately or combined to achieve is one of Henry Dean's specialities. Techniques such as the application of a double layer of color in a small oven or pulverizing color and applying it onto a clear glass mass have been refined and explored.


The company Henry Dean was founded in 1972.  Now a second-generation family company its focus  has evolved from importing a whole range of different decorative objects to the design and creation of glass objects as well as glass tableware.  Our designs are all created in-house and afterwards sent out to be mouthblown by specialized craftsmen.  

 A true dedication to creating unique glassware in shape, colour and texture is our motivation for each of these collections.


Product Specifications

  • Hand made in Belgium
  • Each piece is unique
  • The small imperfections and bulbs you may encounter in a glass or vase are a result of the artisans working method and are a part of every object's character.



12cmH x Ø16.5cm

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