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Design by All the Way to Paris & HAY.

Tower Block is a practical paper tower for your desk, kitchen table or other contexts where you would like to keep a notepad handy. Five new towers with colours and decoration by All The Way to Paris in cooperation with HAY.

Dash / (2000 pcs.)

Founded in 2002, HAY strives to deliver solid, straight-forward, joyful and functional products. Collaborating with the most highly skilled International designers, Hay embrace new materials and modern technology, to create simple and useful products for everyday use. 

Product Specifications

  • Made of paper
  • 2000 pcs
  • Also available in
  • Cloud / L:7.5 x W:7.5 x H:15 cm (1200 pcs.)
  • Gunpowder / L:7.5 x W:7.5 x H:20 cm (1600 pcs.)
  • Colour Wash / L:7.5 x W:7.5 x H:20 cm (1600 pcs.)
  • Nebula / L:7.5 x W:7.5 x H:20 cm (1600 pcs.)


  • L:7.5 x W:7.5 x H:25 cm

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