Notes & Details

Squaring of the circle. A circle that has been cut, spun around and folded in new ways. That more or less describes the experimental design process that resulted in Lex Pott’s Pivot shelf, which is the principle of simplicity expressed in a product that celebrates complex purposes.

The designer Lex Pott achieved in emphasizing the creative idea by means of a simple looking shelf. The flexible suspension of it makes it possible to fix the shelf at every wall and in every angle, ideally adapted to the user’s demands.

Pivot comes in four variants that you can explore in many different ways. The multifunctional mount lets you decide which way the shelf should face, and Pivot is also available with a corner section that you can fit into a corner or onto an exterior edge to make the most of the spatial potential. Pivot is made in powder-coated steel and is available in different colours.

Product Specifications

Material : Powder coated steel


Size : Width 33 cm, height 33 cm, depth 16,6 cm

Vendors & Categories

Category: furniture, HAY, SHELF

Vendor: HAY

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