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Everyday Object is a series of kitchen utensils in beech wood in several different sizes for a variety of purposes. The rounded back and angular front and the different sizes of the spoons establish a sense of rhythm and contrast in Line Depping and Jakob Jørgensen’s minimalist Nordic language. 

Small helpers for every day: The Everyday Objects by Hay are kitchen tools that suit each other perfectly and that convince with their simple-aesthetic design. The right Everyday Object exists for nearly every task while cooking, whether in a pan or in a cooking pot. There is even a tea spoon in the collection, since the wooden spoons surely look gorgeous inside of cups.

Hay produces the Everyday Objects out of untreated beech wood. Beech is especially suitable for the everyday duties we have, since it is resistant, hard and robust. The wood will surely get some signs of usage with time, but they will only make the tools more individual.

Product Specifications

Made of Untreated beech


Tea spoon L 12 X W 3 cm
Spatula L 30,5 x W 7 cm
Short cooking spoon L 21 x W 7 cm
Slim cooking spoon L 32 x W 5 cm
Round cooking spoon L 34 x W 9,5 cm

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Category: HAY, kitchen

Vendor: HAY

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