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Demon is Gubi's first real storage system and can be applied in multiple ways suited for all homes and spaces where that extra dimension of aesthetics for wall storage is sought out.

The Demon Shelf system (designed by Mathieu Matégot in 1954) from Gubi is a modular shelving system composed of black metal brackets and veneered shelves in either black stained ash, natural oak or walnut.

Product Specifications

The distance between the two bottom shelves is 35cm and 25cm between the upper shelves. The two shorter length shelves have two support brackets whilst the two longer lengths have three support brackets.

Materials & Finishes Black metal rack stringer with shelves in oak.

Assembly required



Height: 135cm x Width: 275cm x Depth: 26cm

             135cm x Width: 215cm x Depth: 26cm

             135cm x Width: 155cm x Depth: 26cm

             135cm x Width: 155cm x Depth: 26cm

The distance between the lowest two shelves is 35cm - the rest is 25cm.

Vendors & Categories

Category: Gubi, shelf, STORAGE

Vendor: GUBI

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