Carrier Freres VANILLE (VANILLA) candle

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Experience and a respect for tradition, Carriere Freres has been a trusted manufacturer of wax candles since 1884. Selecting the finest waxes and most durable wicks, they developed a formula for a pure vegetal wax which can be easily blended with perfume. Carriere Freres has been the supplier of candles to the Basilique du Sacre Coeur in Paris since 1889. Eclectic Cool has imported Soliflore range of candles in ten fragrances. These scents are evocative of 'la Belle Epoque', a golden age where the flowers brought by traders all over the world to Les Halles were turned into intoxicating bundles of scent and were used in the romantic 'language of flowers'. Vanilla Planifolia is a variety of vanilla orchid harvested for its high vanillin content in Central America and the Caribbean. Its long pods withhold intensely aromatic grains, often used in flavoring. Vanilla vines were introduced in Europe in the XVI century by the conquistador Hernan Cortès, who defeated the aztec empire. The exploitation of vanilla soared when two years later, a young slave of the Reunion Island, Edmond Albius, discovered a technique for the quick pollination of vanilla orchids. It soon became a specialty of the island, and still today, the women of Reunion have kept to the tradition of using a blade of grass and a bamboo stick to polinate flower after flower. Vanilla’s warm aroma is joyous, its caramel and amber overtones make it a prized scent. Specifications Made in France 190 gr Made by Cire Trudon, the very fine vegetable wax of Carriere Freres candles allow them to burn slowly and neatly. They are delicately perfumed, with a 50 hour burn time. 45-50 hour burn decorative frosted glass. 100% vegetable wax and cotton wick.

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