By Lassen Bowl small, beige 14x14 cm

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The Kubus Bowl is based on original sketches by Mogens Lassen, and features elements evocative of the Bauhaus school, one of Mogens Lassen’s primary in¬spirations. The German design school believed that good design should be ac¬cessible to the people, and this concept appealed to architect Mogens Lassen. The Kubus Bowl is produced in Denmark with a focus on high quality and solid craftsmanship, and the bowl is a natural extension of the icon¬ic Kubus candleholder, designed by Mogens Lassen in 1962. The Ku¬bus Bowl is suitable for home decoration year-round and can contain everything from spring blossoms to herbs, fruits, or your favourite candy. Product: Kubus Bowl small Design: Mogens Lassen 1962 / by Lassen 2009 Measurement: 14x14 cm Colour: Beige Material: Laquered steel

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