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This sleek, minimalistic rug was handmade in Morocco in the 1970s.   It measures 100 X 200 cm so is perfect to sit in front of a 2 seater sofa.   The gorgeous checked pattern is unusual and reminiscent of the checked Nepalese or Tibetan rug but is beautifully tufted.   

BENI OURAIN Rugs are handwoven on looms, using a decades old technique and natural, undyed wool. The wool is highest grade, gathered from sheep raised over summer pastures on the high slopes of the Beni Ourain territory. 

The Beni Ourain rug was born in the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco as method of cover during snowy winter months. What we know as the Beni Ourain rug is actually a thick, densely woven, furry blanket used by nomadic shepherds for warmth and cover. The thick, long strands of wool and dense weave call to mind a white bearskin.

A genuine Moroccan rug is a great investment.  Not only are these rugs  one of kind, but they contain no  chemicals or synthetic dyes. 

The rugs are imbued with the symbolism of the nomadic Berber tradition. This “Infinite Rapport”, means the pattern and the spirit of the work extends beyond its physical borders.

The patterns are inspired by the snowy, rocky fields and mountain streams that characterise the maker's mountain landscape. It is also inspired by the rituals of the Berber women, including fertility, birth, and the protective role of men, are narrated in an abstract form. The maker will express her worldview on a field of cream, with decoration in delicate lines of henna brown and dark sable.

BENI OURAIN Rugs show changes in pattern throughout the rug , reflecting a change in life events.  This could be because  a different weaver has taken  over the rug or spontaneously decided to change pattern. 

Constructed using the typical Berber knot, which encircles two strands of the warp instead of one, makes the rug particularly plush and supple.

In the Berber tradition, the finished rug becomes a well loved possession and part of their home and their history.  The Berber carpet, with its simplistic form and geometric purity, appears so contemporary to the Western eye and will fit in the most comtemporary of environments, adding character and texture.   

Product Specifications

All are hand washed then sun dried in the Marrakesh sun before arriving in HK.

➤ Color: Natural cream white, black-brown, brown
➤ Age: 30 to 40 years
➤ Material: Wool + recycled thread
➤ Pile: Medium


100 X 200 cm 

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