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This handcarved bamelike stool/side table was made by the Bamelike tribe in Cameroon for their kings to be seated during ceremonies. The Bamelike tribe are famous for their wood carving skills. Use yours as extra seating at cocktail party or stacked with books, creating a sculptural feature.

Carved out of a solid tree trunk, this table will add that touch of texture and ethnicity to the most contemporary of interiors. The rosette design that adorns the piece is a visual compliment to the earth spider, heteroscodra crassipes. In Bamileke art, the spiders' shape is represented by a cross, "X", rosettes and a six or eight star pattern, all of which are symbolic of divine knowledge. Like the spider, the king is though to be at the center of sacred knowledge and the resolver of problems.

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Product Specifications

This Teum wood piece is extremely dense. Beware of cheaper imitations which are not so heavy. A natural material, wood will expand and contract with normal changes in humidity. As a result, hairline cracks may develop on your side table over time, further enhancing its rustic handmade quality.


  • Diameter 54cm
  • H 47cm

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