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Eclectic cool Interior E-decorating service

What is e-Decorating?

Interior Design is often viewed as expensive, complicated and difficult.   However, sometimes a little help and advice may be required.   If you have ever wondered if a piece would fit in with your existing requirements, if you have no idea where to begin but you don't want to engage an interior designer, e-decorating is for you.   

How much will this all cost?

We  do take a initial HKD1000 deposit which is fully redeemable on any products that you buy from Eclectic Cool.  Otherwise, there is no commitment to spend any more

What does the service include?
  • a personal email or phone consultation with our interior designer- or you can pop into the store if you so desire
  • a mood board  designed with you in mind, incorporating furniture, accessories, colour and material suggestions.
  • Furniture placement on a computer generated floor plan of your selected room.
  • a quote based on these suggestions
How long does it take?

We aim to complete your project within 7 to 10 days

How do we start?
  1. Complete and submit the short online questionnaire 

  2. Provide a floor plan OR measurements for the room you want decorated.  Please indicate any doors, windows or  built ins that may affect the design.

  3. Take some photos of the existing room. At least 2 photos would be great.

  4. Upload some inspirational images or send us a link.    
  5. Proceed to check out! Email us on orders@eclectic-cool.com if you have any further questions.  

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