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Eclectic Cool is an entirely new retail and online concept in Hong Kong. 

We have a bricks and mortar store located in Wan Chai, near Pacific Place 3, but we have many customers around the world, all connected by a common love of great design, great service and great advice.    We love to help our customers find the perfect piece for their home, office or commercial space.   

Are you ready to hear our story?  Wait for it...it's a good one!

Let's go back to 2011, Joanne Pereira, (that's me!) moved to Hong Kong with her family and set to work busily trying to create her dream home.   It was harder than I thought- not only did stores open up late, but the offerings were either very expensive (though the quality was good) or very cheap (where the quality was no so good).   Design was trend driven- it was fashionable one season and gone the next.  This made putting together a collection very difficult.   If you broke a plate or a glass out of your set of six, you were sunk....

Being an interior designer, I set about putting together a collection of furniture and homewares for my clients and started to put together a list of vendors that could help achieve the quality look I wanted.   I soon outgrew my home office and started looking around for warehouse space.   Our first showroom/warehouse opened in Ap Lei Chau in 2012.   I started with a few brands and now we represent over 30 brands, some big (HAY and Gubi), some small and with a touch of vintage thrown in to add variety.   

It looks pretty nice, doesn't it?  I was pretty happy hanging about there for a time! But due to my family complaining it was too far away from anything, I started to look for a new place to hang.... 

At the end of 2012, I found the perfect place in Po Hing Fong in Sheung Wan.   Despite being opposite the site of Hong Kong's bubonic plague outbreak, I loved it there.   I had thought that I could just keep office hours and work when I felt like it but this was soon a distant dream and to keep up with demand  I soon recruited my first full time employee.    


The image on the left was taken at the end of our time at Po Hing Fong.   The image on the right was just at the beginning.   You can see that we still have a lot of brands we still carry!  We love our brands for a reason...one of which is their design longevity.  

The interior design side of the business began to slowly grow as well as the retail part of the store.  By the end of 2013, I had to go back to the home office because there was no room for me in the store.  So we went on a big search for a new HQ.  For those of you who know Hong Kong, this is no small feat.   Rent is expensive, property is limited but by October 2014, I proudly secured our new space in Sun Street in Wan Chai.   Our 2 level space contains the design office above and the store below.    We change our products around weekly and we also fulfil most of our internet orders from here.   There are people buzzing around all day and we love visits and chats!

We show furniture here as well as floor coverings, homewares and gifts.   We have lots of special things here that you can't find anywhere else in Hong Kong and we also have some brands which are difficult to find outside of their home countries.   We still mix it up with a bit of art, vintage and antiques and our own custom made goods... We are often visited by stylists and we often work with other interior designers to source products for their own projects.   

Through all of this our website and blog are, and will remain, a priority for us.    We have recently revamped our website and we are now using the Shopify platform, which we hope will make it easier for our customers to find out all that we stock and the products that we are able to order on their behalf.   One of the best things about having such great brands is that we are able to order from their full ranges. We update our store daily so you should make sure that you check back regularly.      


So what's the takeaway from all of this?  It's simple- if you want to find a wide range of products, chosen for their design, great quality and price, with a bit of service and advice thrown in...come talk to us- we'd love to help!   



With a contemporary international design focus, our offerings also extend beyond this genre, ranging from vintage and antique furniture to quirky homewares. Our collection changes daily as owner & founder, Joanne Pereira, adds new finds, “I am constantly monitoring design trends and travel monthly to source pieces and seek inspiration, particularly in Europe and Australia,” she says. Eclectic Cool’s online store is linked to popular blog www.eclectic-cool.com.  Our store is located in the Star Street Precinct, at 5 Sun Street, Wan Chai, just a few minutes walk away from Pacific Place 3 and Admiralty MTR. You can find detailed directions here.   We are open 7 days a week, but please check our facebook page for up to date opening hours over holiday periods.   

Our studio showroom, conveniently located in Ap Lei Chau, around 20 minutes from Central, is open by appointment and is a place to view our larger pieces.


Joanne & her design team are  based in Hong Kong and are happy to help with your design needs.  Interior design can be daunting, so we love  to put together design schemes for homes and offices. Visit our store to discuss in person or send us an email describing your needs.


Eclectic Cool also works with brands that subscribe to our design aesthetic. We work with artisans and craftspeople in many different countries to keep our designs fresh and original. Of course, we pride ourselves on our value. Check out our brand page for a full list.   We also distribute selected design brands throughout Hong Kong and China.


Joanne's blog, Eclectic Cool, is Hong Kong's most popular design blog and has many followers worldwide. Updated every day, the blog covers lifestyle, design, collecting and good living here in Hong Kong and overseas. Our tag line, things to do, buy and see... places to go... people to know... summarizes our content. We also use the blog to explain about our products in detail. Using photos, video and words, we describe our journey from design to reality for our products. To contact Joanne regarding cool news in the design world, please email joanne@eclectic-cool.com  



Founder and creative director, Joanne Pereira established Eclectic Cool as both a lifestyle brand and a blog in 2011.   Originally from Sydney, she moved with her family to Hong Kong in 2007.  After studying Interior Architecture ,  she has developed her lifelong passion for design and art into Eclectic Cool.   Her blog is a way to inspire, be inspired  and connect with others.   Dividing her time between writing, photographing and designing, Joanne loves to hear from and interview aspiring and established designers as well as meet those who simply love design and art as much as she does!



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