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This large Azilal is perfect for a large room.  It is beautifully woven with a background of cream wool with brown and orange details.  It is truly a lovely rug and has a beautiful look and feel.    

THE AZILAL, before the 80s, was created almost exclusively from brown undyed wool on a cream background. Clear geometric designs and cultural expressions chosen by the weaver at random define the older Azilal.

The Azilal region is a difficult to reach mountainous area that extends north of the main rise of the High Atlas to the southern foothills of the Middle Atlas. The use of color in Azilal rugs began when a migrant city dweller, inspired by a new wave of modernism, first picked up some bright synthetic thread and decided to create something different. The result was a playful, free-style rug reminiscent of a contemporary painting.

The pulsing life of these rugs is found in the roiling vortexes of line and color, in delicate pointillist movements, and in the almost lyrical play of form and space. Striking, unconventional compositions reflect all the joy and drama and sublime spirituality of small town life. But also, the close proximity of nature. 

Product Specifications

All are hand washed then sun dried in the Marrakesh sun before arriving in HK.

➤ Color: Natural cream white, black-brown, brown,orange
➤ Age: 30 to 40 years
➤ Material: Wool + recycled thread
➤ Pile: Low


200 x 385cm 

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