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Australian designers, Daniel & Emma designed this geometrically shaped pin holder for your desk or home office as part of the Wrong for Hay collection.


WRONG FOR HAY is a new design venture. A collaboration between Danish design brand HAY and London-based designer Sebastian Wrong. WRONG FOR HAY makes its debut at the 2013 London Design Festival with a collection of items, ranging from lighting to furniture, textiles and accessories.

Since its first collection debuted in Cologne in 2003, HAY has built up a global manufacturing and distribution network, including dedicated HAY stores in Denmark, Norway and Germany. A strong relationship between designer, manufacturer, distributor and consumer allows for flexibility and innovation at affordable prices.

WRONG FOR HAY builds upon these foundations. Both satellite collection and standalone venture, WRONG FOR HAY is based in London under the creative direction of Sebastian Wrong, WRONG FOR HAY draws upon the city’s creative energy, eclecticism and talent to explore new working relationships, new products and new markets.

HAY’s principle of good design at accessible prices will be central to WRONG FOR HAY.

The debut collection exemplifies London’s global sphere of influence, offering an eclectic selection of new products from both established and emerging designers.

Official website - www.wrongforhay.com 

Product Specifications

  • Made of cork, comes with a few pins
  • Contact us for further details.  


  • Cork Cone/ Ø 9 x H 13 cm

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