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Cool…new dinosaur designs store melbourne










I follow one of our favourite brands, Dinosaur Designs on Facebook and was enticed by an image that was posted of their new Melbourne store.   I searched and found these images on the blog of mrjasongrant Cool...new dinosaur designs store melbourne

I love BKH’s  combo bronze and marble materials- mixed with mirror- but made cool by the use of curved lines.    The display cases are custom made by an artist,  Jason Christopher, I do believe.   Love him too.   You can see one of the little side tables that have just been released by DD.   Love them too, but not so sure about the fragility and the HKD21K price tag.

 Cool...new dinosaur designs store melbourne

Love, love, love this door handle- DD is at its best when using this gorgeous metallic resin.

 Cool...new dinosaur designs store melbourne

NIce lighting and a nice bit of marble.

 Cool...new dinosaur designs store melbourne


The backlit sign is a nice touch.  Have to use this idea somewhere soon….

If you are not familiar with BKH’s interiors, they are Australia’s leading interior designers and I have to say they are world class.  They have a practice in New York as well but are not really all that well known out of Australia.  Though they should be.   You can check out their website here.

images via mrjasongrant

Cool...bespoke burberry
Domaine de Boisbuchet
Cool...Fashion & Architects
Cool...Aesop & Futurism

Cool…ideas for art for walls






I love the idea of making art from a collection of beautiful things- and they don’t have to be collectors items- just graphic in their own way.  here’s a  few examples….. Cool...ideas for art for walls

I love typography (you may have noticed!).   You can collect stencils like these via sites like etsy  .  I like how instead of putting all of the stencils up, they have created interest by spray painting missing numbers on the wall.

image via sfgirlbybay

 Cool...ideas for art for walls


not quite sure what these little numbers are but I like the roughness of them next against the painted wall

image via sfgirlbybay


 Cool...ideas for art for walls


a bit of a classic look here- love a display shelf especially one used as graphically as this one

image via emmasdesignblogg

 Cool...ideas for art for walls


another little collection- the graphic quality of this is so beautiful: hands up- who loves black and white….


image via emmasdesignblogg

 Cool...ideas for art for walls


grab a can of matt white spray paint and cover some objects with it.  Make sure that they are fake though


image via emmasdesignblogg

 Cool...ideas for art for walls


are you an origami lover- get folding and stick it up on the wall. Love the harmony of colours here


image via designlovefest

 Cool...ideas for art for walls


loving spray paint and such fun too…grab a few different papers from the art store and layer them on the wall- go crazy with mt tape

image via designlovefest

 Cool...ideas for art for walls


I frame beautiful silk scarves quite often- I like this collection of scarves in the same pattern but different colourways- make sure that you frame more than one though, it looks a lot better…


image by the decorista

 Cool...ideas for art for walls


Something so prosaic as a rustic hammer can look amazing when displayed on a wall.  I love tools- old cooking spoons, washboards, plates etc all work…


image by remodelista

 Cool...ideas for art for walls


got a kid with an amazing collection of toys?  make perspex shelves or just mount them directly to the wall, they’ll love it but might make for interesting dusting ( invest in a soft brush!)


image via pinterest

 Cool...ideas for art for walls


any one that has visited a stately home will have seen the amazing decorations made of antique objects.  the key here is repetition, repetition, repetition.  I have seen amazing swords, copper pots, jam jars, jelly moulds etc used in interesting displays.


image via pinterest

Cool design...Frank Gehry's UTS building
Grand Bazaar Istanbul
Cool...bespoke burberry
Cool classic...the Polaroid SX-70 land camera

A new year ahead…

Screen Shot 2013 12 31 at 12.14.53 PM A new year ahead...


We’ve had a fantastic year here at Eclectic Cool.   I opened the door to our store November 20th, 2012 and I have been amazed at the support from our customers, both retail and wholesale,  our friends, our suppliers, our neighbours, the press here in HK and of course my family.

Retail in Hong Kong is especially hard, rents are high and it is difficult to find great staff.  Some people forget that Eclectic Cool is basically a one man band, operated by me.   I have worked hard to keep the store open when you would like it to be and hope to be able to expand our opening times this year.

This year we have introduced a store manager, Natalie and a design assistant, Stephany.   These women are exceptionally loyal and  hard working and have been pretty much thrown into the deep end, dealing with a huge range of customer enquiries in the most professional manner possible.

Of course, as a developing business, the run has not always been smooth, but be assured that we work our hardest to service our customers in the most reliable and efficient manner and aim to continue to do just so.

The number of people who walk through the door has grown each month this year; our interior design business is going at full steam and we are so lucky to be involved supplying products to many projects by many interior designers around town.

As you may have gathered, we are passionate about design and we love working here in  Hong Kong.  This year we have some exciting plans in the pipeline: we are continuing to work with our current suppliers: expanding our product offerings and are looking to introduce some new ones.  Keep checking the Our Products page in the blog for more details.

We are continuing to  develop  our own product lines including furniture, soft furnishings, lighting and stationery.   A lot we produce here at Eclectic Cool is bespoke and are one offs and we are proud of our ability to be responsive to our customers and make things just for them.

The blog has been the area that I have be most unhappy with this year- work pressures have meant that my writing has been sporadic but I am hoping to get back on track in 2014.   Thanks for your patience…it will get better!

Again, thanks to one and all for all the help, patience and support you have given me and the Eclectic Cool team in 2013.  You guys are awesome.  Here’s to a great 2014….

Best wishes,  Joanne


Cool...fashion & food @ Harrods
Cool...Gehry for LVMH
Cool...The Continental Hong Kong
BYE BYE 2014

Happy New Year 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 Happy New Year 2014

A guided tour....
Coffee table styling
Unusual houses
Cool...droog design hk

Cool…winter white interiors


 Cool...winter white interiors


You can see that the simple touch of a black hanger brings out the delicate lace of the white dress while the feathers give texture.   How does this relate to interiors, you ask?   Think of translucent sheers mixed with heavy white velvet/linen/wool curtains- the heavy drapes can be removed for a lighter summer feel.

image via thisisglamorous


 Cool...winter white interiors


I love a textured knit in white.   Think of this in a thick blanket or a woolly fleece thrown over a sofa or chair.   image via harpers bazaar uk


 Cool...winter white interiors

love the touch of black in the bestlites, throws  and even in the lines in the painted floor.   Some charcoal adds even more interest.

 Cool...winter white interiors

another example of a painted floor

 Cool...winter white interiors

I always think white looks great in quite rustic interiors.   The chipped paintwork gives the white stools and trolley texture.

 Cool...winter white interiors


A slightly more summery feel but still warmth is added with the warm woods of the dining table.

 Cool...winter white interiors

A painted brick wall in white is a subtle way to add definition to a wall.  Though in HK the painted walls are probably faux, it still can be an effective way to add that NY feel to a studio or loft apartment

above images via pinterest

 Cool...winter white interiorsThis bestlite in offwhite is a warmer choice for an interior than the matt white.   I love them mixed in with cleaner whites and honeyed toned woods.   image via gubi


Stairs by Atmos Studio
Cool...instanbul restaurant interiors
Vale...David Collins
summer break

Cool…Amass Restaurant Copenhagen


 Cool...Amass Restaurant CopenhagenAMASS is housed in the 736 sqm former Burmeister & Wain shipyard building in an industrial part of Copenhagen.

 Cool...Amass Restaurant Copenhagen


Oh that Aoyama table!

 Cool...Amass Restaurant Copenhagen


The table tops are smoked oak.  The raw concrete underlines that this used to be a working building.

 Cool...Amass Restaurant Copenhagen


Matt Orlando’s dream was to create a raw open space that would feel alive and have a constant flow – an informal space, where friends and family could gather, and enjoy a very high level of food.

 Cool...Amass Restaurant Copenhagen

 Cool...Amass Restaurant CopenhagenThe masculo chair in black leather.

 Cool...Amass Restaurant Copenhagen


The green upholstery echoes the garden that surrounds the building and connects the interior to the exterior.

 Cool...Amass Restaurant Copenhagen


Again the palette of the grafitti painted walls not only reflect the colours used in the interior but reminds us of the buildings past industrial use.

 Cool...Amass Restaurant Copenhagen

Everything in the restaurant is exposed to the customer. The chef believes strongly (as is the case in Noma) that diners should be able to watch the complete process involved in the preparation of the food itself.

images via yatzer

Cool store...Sidewalk
Cool...mad men & newsweek
Cool...museum context party
the language of flowers

Design highlight…Timberline Lodge

timberline 17 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

The view from Timberline Lodge

timberline 16 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

The magnificent Mt Hood

timberline 15 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 14 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

From the light fittings and furniture to the drapery you can see in the next image, everything was made on site specifically for Tmberline Lodge.   Margery Hoffman Smith was the interior designer for Timberline Lodge and conceived hand-appliquéd draperies, hand-woven upholstery and draperies, and hand-hooked rugs for the public areas and guestrooms. She also commissioned or selected oil paintings, watercolors, hand-colored lithographs, opus sectile glass murals, and carved linoleum murals to decorate the lodge.

timberline 13 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 12 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 8 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 7 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 10 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 5 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 2 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

Ray Neufer supervised the woodworking shop that produced the furniture. Using inexperienced workers he designed and supervised the making of distinctive pieces of furniture.

timberline 6 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

The distinctive coyote heads are one of the motifs that Timberline lodge is famous for.

timberline 11 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 9 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 4 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

The andirons were made out of railway tracks.

timberline 3 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

O.B. Dawson was in charge of  the metal shop, and his workers produced beautiful hand-wrought iron decorative details at the lodge. Dawson designed fireplace andirons, screens, and fire tools, using metal from railway tracks and reworking them into beautiful designs. 

timberline 1 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge


the exterior of the lodge

all images by eclectic cool

Sale @ Pinstripe Interiors
Cool graphics...saul bass
Cool...Aesop + Kapok
cool...wrap magazine

Cool…graphic rugs

graphic rugs  Cool...graphic rugs



 Cool...graphic rugs


this interior by Greg Natale shows how to use a dominant hue in a balance way.  The use of glass coffee tables reveal the rugs pattern while the blue chairs are balanced by the white sofa.

image via greg natale


 Cool...graphic rugs


this room by Peter Mikic, shows how a graphic pattern can be used in a more traditional interior.   The dark pattern is only accentuated by the accessories while the rest of the room is kept neutral..

image via la dolce vita

Sandra D'Auriol exhibition on now
Cool...designer, Ilse Crawford
Cool...Balenciaga B & W

Cool…green hues

green image1 600x588 Cool...green hues


You could be bold or subtle…

green image 2 600x804 Cool...green huesfill your interior with accessories of a similar hue

green image 3 600x804 Cool...green hues


use sumptuous material- citrus green always looks good in velvet…try one from pierre frey or boussac

green interiors 4 600x804 Cool...green hues


a green bottle or two or three is an easy green addition to an interior

images via pinterest and elle decor

 Cool...green hues


I am loving this mix of citrus and aqua and grey at Monsieur Bleu at Palais de Tokyo in Paris

image via yatzer


Chairs and sofas 101
Cool...sale at flea&cents
Simple Pleasures
postcard from negombo, sri lanka

Cool…rick owen’s home


rickowens1 Cool...rick owens home  these bullet shaped containers in the foreground are amazing..what are they? 
rickowens2 Cool...rick owens home

rickowens3 Cool...rick owens home

rickowens5 Cool...rick owens home

images via wall street journal

rickowens6 Cool...rick owens home Rick Owens A/W 2013 

image via lefigaro

Cool...ikea hackers
Magical Boxes
Cool...Copenhague Collection by the Bouroullec brothers
Cool...chinese ming cup collecting
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