Screen Shot 2014 02 11 at 8.49.07 PM Cool...Holmquist for GUBI

We’re totally in love with the graceful curves of the Eva chair by the Swedish Modernist designer, Kerstin Holmquist.   The chair is fully upholstered in Kvadrat Balder with legs in either walnut or oak.

Screen Shot 2014 02 11 at 8.48.50 PM Cool...Holmquist for GUBI


The whole collection: from left the Eva, The Adam and the Paradiset sofa.   Elegant and sophisticated- the chairs will suit both more classic to mid century interiors.   Gorgeous!

Available Autumn 2014-

Images via GUBI

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Cool…Holmquist for GUBI

I know, I know- I have been pretty silent about all the cool things that I saw and bought at Maison.   If you follow us on facebook you would had a few small sneak peeks but some of the best designs need more examination than 300 characters!

One of the standouts were the re-editions of the beautiful designs by Kerstin Holmquist,who  created a unique collection of upholstered pieces for NK – Nordiska Kompaniet in 1956-57. She was employed at NK Triva, a furniture workshop and architect studio where she created this collection for one of her many exhibitions. She named her pieces inspired by Paradiset (Swedish for Eden or Paradise).

The first piece in the collection was the feminine lounge chair – Eva- in pink and later followed its masculine counterpart, Adam. To compliment the two she later also created a sofa – the Paradiset sofa.   Gubi has revived these designs with great aplomb- they complement their existing collections beautifully.

Unfortunately, we have to wait to get our hot little hands on these babies- they will be available for purchase and ordering only in June…

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11 February 2014



The word Ikat is Indonesian and means “to tie or bind”.   However, unlike tie dyed fabric where the dye is added to the finished fabric, in ikat the dye is added to the threads before the fabric is woven.

 Cool...ikat fabrics

The silk is dyed before weaving into fabrics.

image via uzbek journeys

Ikats became fashionable in interiors through the use of these fabrics by NY designer, Madeleine Weinrib.   Weinrib sources most of her ikats from the lush Fergana valley area, as we do too.   Use of ikat fabrics is usually confined to cushions and pillows and decorative trims as  Uzbek ikat is woven in widths of 38 to 50 cms, so seams may show.

You can check out our range of ikat pillows online or come in and take a look- we’d love to show you.


ikat cushion1 Cool...ikat fabrics

ikat cushion4 Cool...ikat fabrics


pink green spot velvet cushion 4917 600x626 Cool...ikat fabrics

a selection of our silk and silk velvet ikat cushions

Screen Shot 2014 01 06 at 10.05.50 PM 600x357 Cool...ikat fabrics

These bright colours are typical of contemporary silk ikats.  Our pillows are filled with 100% down and feather and are backed by libeco linen .

images via eclectic cool

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Cool…ikat fabrics

One of my great abiding passions is my love of fabrics. One of our best selling lines is our range of ikat cushions.   My favourite ikats actually come from Uzbekistan and are made out of silks but ikats can also be made of other fibres as well.

The ikats that we have in the store come, as I mentioned before, from Uzbekistan which was part of the so called ‘Silk Road’ through Central Asia to Europe where traders travelled by caravan, collecting mainly food and fabrics which were then sold in markets in Europe.   Another interesting thing about these Uzbek ikats is that traditionally the work is mainly done by men, while other types of fabrics are primarily done by women.

Instead of being done by nomads, the ikat weaving process in Central Asia began in the oases cities; those cities were actually like little kingdoms and each was ruled by an Emir, Khan or local lord.  The most amazing ikats came from the city of Bukhara (now in Uzbekistan) because that city had the best economy, the most trade and the most surplus wealth.

Because true ikats are handmade, you can find imperfections caused by inconsistencies in the dying and weaving process.  These are not defects but add character to the fabrics.   My favourite are the vibrant silk velvet ikats.  I love the bold polka dot patterns but you can also find such motifs such as the tree of life and animal patterns.


7 January 2014



5 of the best round tables around….

The Saarinen tulip table is ubiquitous for a reason…simple, clean looking and usually topped with a fabulous piece of marble, I love the smooth lines.   I also like mixing this table with unexpected chairs.   In my latest project, we are mixing the new matte arabescato marble with Thonet chairs in a deep blue colour…can’t wait to see how it turns out.   Cool...the perfect round dining table

This Saarinen table is mixed with a Platner chair…more on Platner later.

image via damask and dentelle


 Cool...the perfect round dining table

We have this table in the store and I love the lightness of the base.   It’s also a fabulous price for what it is…

image via gubi

 Cool...the perfect round dining table


ThisPK54 is a classic.   I have this table and I like the contrast between the square base and the round granite top.  The best thing about it is that you can get a solid wooden extension ring that allows you to extend the table to sit 12 comfortably.

image via fritz hansen

 Cool...the perfect round dining table

A bit of a change of pace, the Xilos table is a bit of a classic.  Sometimes with a marble top, I like it just in the plain veneer.

xilos table image via b&B

 Cool...the perfect round dining table


This is the Platner table that usually can be seen with the Platner chairs above.  This is my favourite glass topped table and again this type of table can be mixed with the unexpected….

image via nysd

Of course, you can get copies of most of these tables but an original is always the best.   It is usually an excellent investment-both for the way that it looks as well as the way it makes you feel!



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Cool…the perfect round dining table

Nearly every house I did in 2013 chose a round table for their dining table.  In Hong Kong, round tables are very popular as they really suit the way that people entertain- family style eating.  I, myself, have a round table and I find my kids love the way that we all can be involved in discussions.

Here are 5 of the best (and most classic) round tables…

5 January 2014

 Cool...cole & son wallpaper

 Cool...cole & son wallpaper


We love the Fornasetti range for its masculine designs and hues.  It creates a library feel without, ahem, the need for a library.  images via pinterest


 Cool...cole & son wallpaper


image via hirschfields

 Cool...cole & son wallpaper

Love the squiggle pattern, not too sure about the dead animals en masse, especially that croc hanging on the wall.  Hmmm.   Probably nicer made into a handbag.

 Cool...cole & son wallpaper

the vivienne westwood squiggle pattern

images via cole and son

 Cool...cole & son wallpaper

Loving this mad English military mess hall look: the Napoleonic war with Hello Kitty.

 Cool...cole & son wallpaper


I adore this bedroom- makes me want to throw myself down on this bed and get ready for my nap...image via kensington design

The range of Cole and Son wallpaper is massive.   They also have a great app that you can download onto your iPad.  We have lots of samples in store for you to take a look at too.


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Cool…cole & son wallpaper

You may not know this but we stock a full range of wallpaper by many of the world’s best wallpaper makers.  One of my favourites is English maker, Cole & Son, who works with some of the best designers to produce the most intricately detailed wallpapers, crisply printed on beautifully thick and luxurious papers.

We have been using the Cole & Son Fornasetti range for years.  We particularly love the Ex Libris design, which gives the illusion of a library with the bother (!!!) of books!.

Our new favourite is the tartan wallpaper by Vivienne Westwood.  Printed large scale on an angle, we are mixing it with a delicious Rubelli velvet headboard, edged in a neutral linen piping and beautiful pale blue  silk curtains.   What a fabulously peaceful relaxing guest bedroom for our client’s guests.   Take a look at the images beside.

I will try to post some images from some projects we have completed, but we need to get permission from the owners first…stay tuned…

A roll of Cole and Son Wallpaper is around HKD1400 plus shipping.  The average wall costs around HKD3000 to prepare and wallpaper.  For under HKD7000, this can create a huge impact.    Come and ask us in store about the Cole and Son range.


30 December 2013

 Cool...Lee Broom




 Cool...Lee Broom




 Cool...Lee Broom

images via lee broom

the Lee Broom clear crystal globe, winner of the 2012 British Design Award.

Handcut crystal, brass and fabric wire.  able to be used as a pendant or casually laid on a table.


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Cool…Lee Broom


We are proud to announce that we now stock the Lee Broom range of lights with the crystal pendants kept in stock and all other products available to order.   If you don’t know about the English designer Lee Broom, here’s a quick intro…

Lee founded his brand in 2007, design integrity, quality and workmanship are integral to his designs.  He works closely with craftspeople to realise his range.

Eclectic Cool is stocking his most famous design, the clear glass globe.  Handcut, this globe is lit by an LED light giving off a delectable glow.   Individually they are beautiful, clustered they are stunning.  Why don’t you come in store and take a look!


20 December 2013

 Cool...reem acra


Gorgeous cap sleeve dresses with graceful skirts….

reem acra couture Cool...reem acra



Reem Acra Couture 2011 to 2013
 Cool...reem acra


These doors were pulled out of a home in Beirut.  Loving the rich velvets, abundant use of lucite and the exuberant use of colour

 Cool...reem acra


Her collection of Mui Mui sneakers in front of verre eglomisé doors.  What’s verre eglomisé you ask? It is where the back of glass is gilded with gold leaf and then painted, giving a very beautiful effect.   Old shop windows of the 19c often used this technique to do lettering.

 Cool...reem acra


Not sure how religious she is but a cool collection of votive items.   And a pleasing hanging arrangement too.

 Cool...reem acra


A billboard-size photograph by Ruven Afanador covers a wall in Acra’s study; the image was used in an ad campaign for Acra’s eponymous fashion label in 1999. The sofa is upholstered in pink suede.

 Cool...reem acra


I wish I had a canopy bed.   Gorgeous use of textiles and tortoisehell and ormolu chest in the front.

 Cool...reem acra


What a great itdea, Acra collected this old textile to cover a dining table and used a plexiglass table top to protect it. Note the mismatched chairs, unified with a coat of black paint.

images via nymag

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Cool…reem acra

If I ever needed a couture gown I think  I might visit the atelier of Reem Acra.   The Beirut born designer does not only make some of the best red carpet attire around but has beautiful taste in interiors too.

I always love  interiors full of personal things that have meaning to an individual.  Acra’s interior is a great example of this.  It is clear that she is a master of colour: mixing greens, reds, purples, gilt and blacks with assurance.   If you look at her dining table, each piece of tableware, from the cutlery to the table itself is such a personal choice- with unexpected details like the little Buddha candle lamps.

It makes me want to take a trip to Turkey or Lebanon to start collecting!

25 October 2013

 Cool...eclectic cool in belgium

I love my books and dream regularly about having a library ladder one day.

 Cool...eclectic cool in belgium

Seriously plum walls work beautifully with that grey checked rug.

 Cool...eclectic cool in belgium

Oh, the fireplaces!

 Cool...eclectic cool in belgium

I recently used this Fornasetti wallpaper in an apartment in the gold/silver colourway- fabulous for a more masculine interior.

 Cool...eclectic cool in belgium

who loves yellow?  we do!

 Cool...eclectic cool in belgium

Those headboards are pretty fab.

 Cool...eclectic cool in belgium


Painting the wall behind the headboard a toning colour is a great idea- it makes it appear much larger.

Images via Elle Decor

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Cool…eclectic cool in belgium

Okay, I haven’t managed to fit in a side trip to Belgium,  but I was pleasantly thrilled to see the title of this  article from Elle Decor about this cute townhouse in Brussels- the home of Anne-Marie Midy and Jorge Almada, the founders of of furniture brand, Casamidy.   Loads of layering happening here in this beautifully period apartment.  The purple velvet sofas are very lush and I love the understated grey rug.   I have always been fond of ottomans as cocktail tables too.

You can really tell the personality of the owners from this interior- they look like they would be fun to know, don’t they?


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6 October 2013

brass shelf1 Cool...brass and lucite shelves

brass shelf2 Cool...brass and lucite shelves

brass shelf3 Cool...brass and lucite shelves

acrylic shelf1 Cool...brass and lucite shelves

custom made brass  and lucite shelves by eclectic cool , lucite shelves @700 per metre, brass shelves @1400 per metre

images by eclectic cool

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Cool…brass and lucite shelves

We’ve been using these lucite shelves every where in our designs from nurseries to playrooms to living rooms.   You can use them to create a stylish wall display for picture books or artwork.  They are just attached to the wall using a set of screws and can be taken away and reused anywhere.   We custom make the lucite shelves to order: HKD 700 per metre. We can even add decorative patterns to the front making them truly individual.

We have just developed a similar shelf in brass.   These are incredibly stylish.  We are using ours to display magazines and cards but we love them for the display of artwork.   We can even change the dimensions a little to create stylish wall hung shelves for your bedroom.  They are priced at HKD1400 per metre. The lead time is around 2 weeks.

Come and talk to us in store for your perfect solution.


12 September 2013 indesign indesign


images via inoutdesignblog indesign


Yellowtrace and Kezu collaboration.   The ‘floor paper’ is kind of fun.

images via yellowtrace

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Cool…sydney indesign

What used to be called Saturday in Design has now been rebranded as Sydney Indesign. This used to be very much a trade show, but has opened up to the public as well.   Led by design stores rather than brands, it is dominated by international design labels with a few local ones thrown into the mix.   I didn’t manage to go but checked out a few design blogs to see what was happening.

The Yellowtrace design blog collaborated with KEZU, creating an imaginary space using a Milan interior.   The floor pattern, a wallpaper by Porters and designer, Anna Spiro, looked great but was stuck down with what looked like MT tape which spoiled the effect.

The Jardan display looked great. One of the few really large furniture brands in Australia,   I think they are the most accessible Australian design brand around, though pretty expensive once they have landed here in HK.  The quality is very high  and I love their leather ottomans.   You can get Jardan here at NOOK.

Corporate Culture’s display was, as always, very assured.  They have a huge operation & their showroom in Sydney, though off the beaten track, is well worth a visit.  I liked all the dark walls and it really showcased the products well.   I am loving the Adnet circulaire mirrors against the dark brown surface.   The paint colours come from Murobond’s collaboration with Mr Jason Grant.  One thing Australia does really well is paint colour, with Porters and Murobond, you can’t go wrong.

You can check out more about Sydney Indesign via their website

9 September 2013

timberline 17 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

The view from Timberline Lodge

timberline 16 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

The magnificent Mt Hood

timberline 15 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 14 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

From the light fittings and furniture to the drapery you can see in the next image, everything was made on site specifically for Tmberline Lodge.   Margery Hoffman Smith was the interior designer for Timberline Lodge and conceived hand-appliquéd draperies, hand-woven upholstery and draperies, and hand-hooked rugs for the public areas and guestrooms. She also commissioned or selected oil paintings, watercolors, hand-colored lithographs, opus sectile glass murals, and carved linoleum murals to decorate the lodge.

timberline 13 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 12 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 8 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 7 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 10 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 5 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 2 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

Ray Neufer supervised the woodworking shop that produced the furniture. Using inexperienced workers he designed and supervised the making of distinctive pieces of furniture.

timberline 6 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

The distinctive coyote heads are one of the motifs that Timberline lodge is famous for.

timberline 11 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 9 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

timberline 4 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

The andirons were made out of railway tracks.

timberline 3 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge

O.B. Dawson was in charge of  the metal shop, and his workers produced beautiful hand-wrought iron decorative details at the lodge. Dawson designed fireplace andirons, screens, and fire tools, using metal from railway tracks and reworking them into beautiful designs. 

timberline 1 Design highlight...Timberline Lodge


the exterior of the lodge

all images by eclectic cool

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Design highlight…Timberline Lodge

One of the design highlights of Oregon was the magnificent Timberline Lodge.   Not only is it situated in a ruggedly beautiful Mt Hood, but both the building itself and the interior architecture within is worth the drive from Portland.   It is also the only place in the US where you can summer ski.   If that doesn’t convince you to make a trip, the history surrounding it is pretty compelling too.

The lodge was part of Roosevelt’s New Deal.   It was a  building commissioned to provide work for locals who painstakingly handmade not only the structure but a lot of the decorative elements of the Lodge, from the curtains to the rugs, from the furniture to the hardware.

The design of the building was heavily influenced by native American motifs, reworked in an art deco style.   Lots of local timber and stone was used to provide the materials, creating huge wooden pillars and rough hewn chimney pieces.   A standout is the quality and design of the metal work- where railway tracks were reworked as fire dogs and fire screens.

The combination of the handwork and the beauty of the design of the building make this a must see if you are ever in Oregon.

For those film buffs amongst you, you may recognise the exterior from The Shining, though the interior shots were filmed elsewhere.

You can find out how to visit Timberline Lodge via their website.

25 August 2013
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