polidori 1 600x470 Cool...artist, Robert polidoripolidori 2 600x458 Cool...artist, Robert polidoriimages via sundaram tagorepolidori bottega veneta 1 600x407 Cool...artist, Robert polidoripolidori bottega 2 600x407 Cool...artist, Robert polidoriimages via bottega veneta

4 New Orleans Polidori 051 Marigny5417 Cool...artist, Robert polidori

image via the metropolitan museum of art

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Cool…artist, Robert polidori

The most interesting thing about Robert Polidori’s interior photography is how he breathes life into the emptiest of rooms.   By photographing interiors in their most honest state, Polidori says more about the people that live/d there and the history of that interior than you could find in the sterile photos that typify interior magazines.  I love the rawness of the images: the peeling paint and the perished silks.   The staging is imperfect, Polidori does not show the widest of angles, but allows the eye to explore the interior to the furthest corner of the frame.   His images above, the Palace of Versailles and an interior in Havana, hint at the history  left behind, evoking a time past.

Polidori is most famous for taking photos of interiors post-Katrina, interiors that reek of sadness and abandon. These interior photographs formed one of the most popular photography exhibitions that the Metropolitan Museum of Art had ever showed.

By coincidence, a couple of weeks ago, I received my Bottega catalogue in  the post and was distracted by the interiors, rather than (very surprisingly for me!) the clothes, jewelry or bags.   It was no great surprise to me to discover that Polidori had shot the Fall/Winter campaign.  Again, he uses interiors that hark back to a past era, richly detailed but with a certain honesty that comes with age.   Juxtaposed with the bright contemporary clothes, these images are striking in their richness and simplicity.  It was the first time that Polidori had been commissioned to shoot with models.  Not for him, gimmicky staging……

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23 September 2011