hp g jo black  smg img 0075 600x899 Cool... Designer, Suzie Stanford

men’s tailoring store, Joe Black-Melbourne, Australia

bg 034 600x901 Cool... Designer, Suzie Stanford

Bistro Guillaume, Crown Casino, Melbourne
suzie stanford1 600x827 Cool... Designer, Suzie Stanford

images by eclectic cool and via suzie stanford

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Cool… Designer, Suzie Stanford

Australian designer, Suzie Stanford, has been fascinated by the stuff that other people throw away as long as she can remember.   Last week, she visited Hong Kong as a guest of Lane Crawford for Fashion’s Night Out event.   While we stitched away on a tapestry design that Suzie drew for me, we had a great chat about her designs and design process.

Suzie is most known for her tapestry and tea towel chairs.   All the components of her designs are made up of found objects, rescued and revived and then made new and fresh.   Suzie does all the work herself by hand- from the stitching of the tapestries to the upholstery of the chairs.  She gets up early each morning to scour the markets and auction houses to pull together the components of her designs.   Luck seems to play a great part in her designs- if she wants a particular piece, eventually she will find it!

Her new collection of upholstery pieces. entitled ‘Hide and Seek’ is a combination of traditional tapestry imagery mixed with a more sedate fabrics- so that you can change the look and feel of the piece at will and according to your mood: serious times call for the grey to be exposed, or if you are feeling more playful- you can show off the wild combinations of hunting scenes and flowers.

I love the brass lamps which are completely constructed with found pieces.  Suzie was once a jeweler so welding and metal construction are second nature to her.  Even the lampshade is lined with gold foil, creating a glittering effect even when the lamp is switched off.

More photos coming up soon…and, of course, a pic of my finished tapestry piece!!!


16 September 2012