I follow one of our favourite brands, Dinosaur Designs on Facebook and was enticed by an image that was posted of their new Melbourne store.   I searched and found these images on the blog of mrjasongrant dinosaur designs store melbourne

I love BKH’s  combo bronze and marble materials- mixed with mirror- but made cool by the use of curved lines.    The display cases are custom made by an artist,  Jason Christopher, I do believe.   Love him too.   You can see one of the little side tables that have just been released by DD.   Love them too, but not so sure about the fragility and the HKD21K price tag. dinosaur designs store melbourne

Love, love, love this door handle- DD is at its best when using this gorgeous metallic resin. dinosaur designs store melbourne

NIce lighting and a nice bit of marble. dinosaur designs store melbourne


The backlit sign is a nice touch.  Have to use this idea somewhere soon….

If you are not familiar with BKH’s interiors, they are Australia’s leading interior designers and I have to say they are world class.  They have a practice in New York as well but are not really all that well known out of Australia.  Though they should be.   You can check out their website here.

images via mrjasongrant

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Cool…new dinosaur designs store melbourne

One of our most popular brands, Dinosaur Designs, has just opened the doors to their newly redesigned store in Melbourne’s GPO. Designed by cool interior firm, BKH, the store juxtaposes simplicity of material with the organic lines of Dinosaur Design’s own aesthetic.

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9 July 2014


Neri + Hu are our favourite Chinese designers.   We’re totally loving this office created for Flamingo in Shanghai.   The clerestory windows create a beautifully lit attic environment.

Flamingo Shanghai office by Neri and Hu dezeen ss 4 600x428 cool...flamingo office by neri+hu

The gorgeous industrial feel of the space are divided by concrete partitions and beautiful whitewashed bamboo.   Are they HAY chairs we spy?

Flamingo Shanghai office by Neri and Hu dezeen 12 cool...flamingo office by neri+hu

Love the stainless steel partitions…

Flamingo Shanghai office by Neri and Hu dezeen 10 cool...flamingo office by neri+hu

& the lighting punctuating the space….

Flamingo Shanghai office by Neri and Hu dezeen 8 cool...flamingo office by neri+hu

fab windows and lighting emphasising the shape of the ceiling….

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cool…flamingo office by neri+hu

We are totally loving the Flamingo offices designed by Neri+Hu in Shanghai. The refined palette is simply superb. Pity you have to spoil the space by putting people in it…

3 July 2014

street market 600x900 Cool...urban discovery

image via pinterest

We so honoured to be included on the Urban Discovery app, iDiscover.   If you haven’t heard about the folks at Urban Discovery, you can check out their website.

Screen Shot 2014 06 23 at 12.26.59 PM 600x506 Cool...urban discovery

image via the appstore

Urban Discovery’s app is a free download via the Appstore.  It is a series of bilingual 2 hour city walks .  The Sai Kung walk comes free with the initial app download, with the other 3 destinations available for HKD15 per walk.

In addition to the app, Urban Discovery offers culinary tours (you can see a review of one in Sassy here) and even a HK version of the great race! It’s a great way to discover our amazing city.



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Cool…urban discovery

Have you heard about the cool app,Urban Discovery app? Offering foodie, cultural and shopping tours of Hong Kong, it’s a must have on your iPhone. You can download the app here.

23 June 2014

Screen Shot 2014 06 18 at 10.04.59 AM armadillo

This rug would work either in a kids’ room or a  fun living room.  We love the muted background and the pop of colour…and with all armadillo rugs- they come in a range of colourways.

Screen Shot 2014 06 18 at 10.04.43 AM armadillo

These are super fun and would really dress up any kids bedroom.

Screen Shot 2014 06 18 at 10.04.33 AM armadillo

I want one of these for my daughter’s room…you could pick up so many colours in the window coverings and walls, and you wouldn’t have to work too hard with accessories…

Screen Shot 2014 06 18 at 10.04.24 AM armadillo

For the boy in your life….

Screen Shot 2014 06 18 at 10.03.52 AM armadillo

This is their new sierra range.   I love, love this knitted stitch, it’s like a woolly blanket for your floor.

Screen Shot 2014 06 18 at 10.14.22 AM armadillo Screen Shot 2014 06 18 at 10.14.10 AM armadillo


Client’s are always amazed at how fabulous these round  hemp rugs look on their floors…they have a boho feel but look amazing with spare furniture…





Screen Shot 2014 06 18 at 10.03.29 AM armadillo


The quality of Armadillo rugs are second to none.  We just installed a pebble weave in a client’s home recently, and though we are still waiting for the furniture to arrive to complete the room, the client is amazed at the difference in the look of the space.

You can check out Armadillo online and in store….

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Cool…new armadillo

Armadillo’s new collection of rugs are the nicest that I have seen in so long. If you don’t know about this amazing brand, you should check them out in our store.

They began with simple handmade rugs in hemp and wool. These rugs are crafted in India from the finest materials. Over the last few years, the brand has developed, maintaining their high standards of quality but branching out into rugs with more pattern and colour. Check out their new collection….

18 June 2014

I of course forgot my camera so I didn’t take any photos of the exterior of PMQ, they are still using renderings on the website so I wasn’t going to use these.  However, once the construction has stopped I will go back with my camera and take some great pics.

A few design highlights:

I have to confess that I got a bit disorientated by the 2 different wings of PMQ and it was a super hot day so I very lazily decided that walking up and down stairs was a bit too much effort.  I totally missed seeing 513 Paint Shop but I have heard lots about them.  These paints are VOC free and hand mixed. It also features painting workshops which sounds like lots of fun if you like to get your hands dirty!

pmq 513 600x400 Cool...PMQ

We’re big fans of furniture design company EOQ and their head designer, Michael Young.  Again another one that I missed or was closed…

pmq eoq 600x400 Cool...PMQ

I’m a sucker for great design as you know and design prizes.  The Good Design Store is full of cool Japanese kit that you need to have in your life.  This is the kind of store where you could just buy me anything and I would be thrilled.  From amazing hand turned canisters to pencils and paperclips (not any old paperclip- who knew you could improve on perfection?), this is great design for any budget.

pmq gds 600x400 Cool...PMQ

I’ve been doing a few offices lately and I’m very popular these days at Herman Miller, yes I am sitting on one of the Eames management chairs as we speak.   Buttery soft white leather, polished aluminium handles, I could command the Millennium Falcon from this chair.   But I digress, here we have a capsule collection of Herman Miller’s best designs.   I couldn’t resist the Formwork plastic desk canisters, but you should go in there just to have a sit on a Eames recliner.

pmq hm Cool...PMQ

I am sure you’ve been wondering where innermost has gone.   Well, after a year long hiatus, it’s back in PMQ.   My children are going to continue hassling me for that sheepskin rocking horse even though 2 of them are teenagers…

pmq innermost 600x400 Cool...PMQ

EC’s great friend, Museum Context has opened up their third (or is it their fourth?) outlet here.  Lot s of cool vintage things for the man in your life…

pmq mc 600x400 Cool...PMQ

You can also see British designer, Tom Dixon’s new showcase…

pmq td 600x400 Cool...PMQ

Finally, The World Beyond.  Established by ex-Lane Crawford buyer, Ross Urwin has opened up this cool new vintage store.  They are online too and, best of all,  the prices seemed pretty reasonable. The photo below is a bit disappointing- it’s much nicer than it appears here.   I was quite taken with some of the furniture-  I have a think for multitudes of drawers….

pmq wb 600x400 Cool...PMQ


images via pmq

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We’ve been so busy with projects at the moment that it’s taken us a bit of time to visit the new PMQ.
If you haven’t gone yet, I passed a lovely couple of hours wandering around the shops in the hot sun a couple of days ago. It’s still under construction, so your visit is accompanied by the whine of circular saws and banging but once this is over, it will be a pleasant place to have a spot of lunch and a shop.

6 June 2014




As part of Art Basel 2014, HK architects, Cheungvogl designed an installation structure that heralds the arrival of new museum M+.

The museum will be designed by leading Swiss architects,  Herzog + De Meuron and will focus on displays about visual culture.

cheungvogl installation structure M+ hong kong designboom 02 M+ HONG KONG

Cheungvogl’s display uses construction material: steel rods, concrete blocks, steel wire creating a space that is suggestive of a structure but that is almost transparent in appearance.   This dichotomy of material and image is an interesting exploration of space.

cheungvogl installation structure M+ hong kong designboom 03 M+ HONG KONG cheungvogl installation structure M+ hong kong designboom 06 M+ HONG KONG cheungvogl installation structure M+ hong kong designboom 09 M+ HONG KONG


Through exploring the space,  visitors are encouraged to observe, understand and design the way the institution’s future spaces will be programmed.   

herzog de meuron M+ museum hong kong designboom a M+ HONG KONG

Herzog + De Meuron’s design focusses on the idea of reclaimed land.

herzog de meuron M+ museum hong kong designboom b M+ HONG KONG

Horizontal louvres allow light to get in and creates a layered world of exploration

herzog de meuron plans for M+ museum hong kong designboom 03 M+ HONG KONG

The vast spaces and open spaces are a contrast to the teeming city that surrounds it.

herzog de meuron plans for M+ museum hong kong designboom 07 M+ HONG KONG


M+ under construction…I can see where Cheungvogl got their inspiration from.

images via designboom

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We covered Cheungvogel’s installations for Aesop a few years ago and were very happy to see the installation they did for M+ at this year’s Art Basel. If you haven’t heard of M+, it is a new museum designed by Herzog + De Meuron as part of the West Kowloon Cultural District. It is expected to open in 2017 so we are very much looking forward to seeing the building finally emerge.

29 May 2014


My baby days are long gone, but I love to look at interior + motherhood blog, The Glow.   The dreamy photography and quirky interiors are all so beautiful, simple and inspirational.  ariane 4 Nursery inspiration

You can see these interiors are filled with my favourite things…vintage mirrors, moroccan rugs and antique furniture.   I love the naturalness of the interiors, filled with natural materials that can be reinvented as your children get older.   Usually, the interiors I find here in HK are filled with IKEA- hard lines and primary colours.  I love the softness of these interiors with the lack of hard edges and furniture that only improves with age and wear.

ariane 17 Nursery inspiration

Gorgeous handmade hanging rack.  We made a similar one of wood and fluorescent cord for a client..

ariane 19 Nursery inspiration


We love this image of one of our Maison des Vacances throws…

glow rebecca 3 Nursery inspiration

Don’t you love the light in this photo?   We like chalkboard at eclectic cool, we’ve been custom colouring ours.

glow violet 6 Nursery inspiration

you know benis and babies go beautifully together- they’re just the thing for a heavy duty living room or playroom

glow jennifer 22 Nursery inspiration


Oh the simplicity of the black and white–check out the dog…is it real?

images via theglow

You can see more inspiration on The Glow.

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Check out the beautiful interiors on The Glow. Focussing on motherhood and interiors, the Glow is nothing but inspirational.

28 May 2014









The pressures of work has made it very difficult to regularly update this blog.  We’ve been doing a few residential projects and a bit commercial project as well.  Some of our clients are very reluctant to see their spaces advertised on the web, so we can only give you snippets.

However, I have decided to post shorter, more pithy blogs of cool interior items- at least for the time being until things settle down.

chroma collection Struggling...

First up is Tai Ping’s new Chroma collection.  I am loving this, the rich hues and the bold colours look amazing.  I am dying to use these in a project soon.

Also have you checked out the new look Lonny.   The interiors mag has just relaunched with Cindy Crawford on the cover.

lonny cover Struggling...

Cindy just looks better and better.  I’m hoping those are recovered Fritz Hansen egg chairs or at least limited edition ones… They have some great articles and I love the way the site navigates…very original.

pairing off Struggling...

images via lonny

I’m liking their spread on paired tables.   We’re doing a slightly larger custom version of these with an upholstered ottoman.   But these options are great too.  Don’t forget we stock the gubi kangarou table in the top left hand corner  and the muuto all around tables too.

You’ll see lots of new products soon by Muuto- we are now stocking their full range, ask us instore for further information.   you’ll also see some new products appearing on the site.



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                The pressures of work has made it very difficult to regularly update this blog.  We’ve been doing a few residential projects and a bit commercial project as well.  Some of our clients are very reluctant to see their spaces advertised on the …

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19 May 2014

buddha blog Buddhas birthday


Namaste!  It’s Buddha’s birthday.   I feel as if we have been closed a lot recently between the Easter holidays, Labour Day and this.   You may have notice that we are always closed on public holidays.   I feel its important to spend time with your families on this day- you can always shop later!

We had some exciting new products arriving in the last couple of  weeks…new season Henry Dean glassware.  The new collection includes beautiful new candles, some great new colours and some special art pieces.  We’ll upload the photos for you soon.

We’ve restocked Rifle Paper products and introduced Garance Dore’s new line of notepads, cards and notebooks.   They’re fab….

We’ve also restocked a lot of GUBI lighting, especially the new brass BL2′s that have been so difficult to get.  Pop into the store and ask about what is available. We’ll  post more images tomorrow.

We’re going on a junk trip.   What are you up to tomorrow?

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Buddha’s birthday

Our office will be closed tomorrow for Buddha’s birthday. Please visit us on Wednesday.

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5 May 2014

labour day 2014 blog Labour day 2014

April and May in HK have so many holidays. Tomorrow, it’s Labour Day.   Now you may not know this about me, but I majored in Industrial Relations at university.  So here’s a potted history of Labour Day.

Labour Day is all about celebrating the  social and economic achievements of the worker.  It  also has its origins  in the union movement, specifically the eight-hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest. 

 Labour day 2014

 Labour day 2014


images via wikipedia

It was usually celebrated in the early 20th Century by Labour Day Parades which were an opportunity for unions to show their power (“In Union, There’s Strength”).  Now, its meaning has been somewhat eroded, as a canvass of a few people I came across today had no idea what it was about.   However, the spirit of Labour Day lives on and is more relevant than ever today, as most of my working counterparts work much more than the mandated eight hours due to technology.

So in the spirit of Labour Day, Eclectic Cool is closed.  See you on Friday.

Enjoy your holiday!

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Have a great holiday!

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30 April 2014
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