One of the most frustrating things when you want to buy design is the lead time.  All those small tables and chairs that take time to ship annoys most customers.  The other issue is not only the time it takes, but also the cost.  But there will soon be a solution: 3D printing is going to revolutionise design.
3d thorsten franck hypecask colorfabb 7days7stools injection moulding 2 0 designboom 02 Cool...3D printing, CNC and other innovations in design

You’ll soon be able to chose printed objects like vases and other objet, and you’ll even be able to copy those broken components needed for objects around your home, that you used to have to order from the supplier.   The object above is from thorsten franck‘s collaboration with the  ‘the delta tower’ team of hypecask and colorfabb, creating  a stool a day for one week using custom-made injection moulding. image via designboom

3D hwkn normal 3d printing designboom02 Cool...3D printing, CNC and other innovations in design

You’ll also start to be able to visit concept stores/production facilities such as this one above.  This is a concept for normal headphones in New York.   Transparency here is the key, allowing consumers the ability to be involved at all stages of the design process.   image via designboom

If you think this is far off, here’s another way designers are overcoming the tyranny of distance and production time.   Opendesk is a new concept in furniture design.  Each design is open source which means if you make it yourself for your own personal use, it is free.   If you get a manufacturer to make it for you, you have to pay a fee for the design.   The advantage here is that it is locally produced, allowing the end user to control materials, production lead time and reduce shipping costs.

3d desk Cool...3D printing, CNC and other innovations in design

This product is the Lean Desk, designed by Opendesk founders, Joni Steiner and Nick Ierodiaconou.   Ierodiaconou was the winner of a TEDx prize for his Wikihouse concept which aims at democratising the design and building of houses.   The Opendesk concept follows through from this, but on a smaller scale.

The Lean Desk uses plywood and CNC machine to cut out the pieces of the desk which you put together yourself with few, if any tools.   The hardest thing in HK would be to source nice plywood.   You can see a video explaining the concept behind Opendesk here.

I think you’ll always have to go a furniture store and order furniture for the most part, but there is something quite seductive about the idea of ordering some furniture design off the internet and having it customised for you.



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Cool…3D printing, CNC and other innovations in design

3D printing is hitting the design scene in a big way. From the kickstarter 3Doodler to at home 3D printers that are starting to become affordable- this is the way of the future, particularly in the production of those pesky little widgets that we lose or break which suddenly can be 3D printed.

It will be revolutionary, and it’s not too far away.

14 September 2014


One artist that I have been following for a few years is the work of Australian sculptor, Alex Seton.   Seton grew up in the Southern Highlands of NSW (very close to where I grew up) and was fascinated by the marble that was quarried there.

At the Adelaide Biennale 2014 Dark Heart , Seton explored themes of refugees and asylum seekers in the work, Someone died trying to have a life like mine, 2013.  

Someone Cool...Alex Seton

Image via Adelaide Biennale

In this work the detritus of an escape from a life of persecution for many asylum is rendered in marble.   The abandoned life apparatus gives the viewer a sense of desperation and sadness.  The work refers to an event where the  lifejackets of 28 asylum seekers were discovered washed-up on Cocos Island off the coast of Western Australia in May 2013. Seton’s solemn marble re-enactment forms an enduring memorial for what he describes as, “simply 28 souls likely lost at sea”.

He continues this theme with the exhibition, Refoulement, at Sydney’s Sullivan + Strumpf Gallery.   From the exhibition catalogue:

Non-refoulement is the international legal principle that protects asylum seekers and refugees from being sent to any place where they have a well-founded fear persecution, or where they face a real risk of other serious human rights abuses. It lies at the heart of the international regime to protect people from harm in their own countries.

The principle of non-refoulement is not discretionary; it is a legal obligation.  It is a reminder that all of us have the right to seek asylum, and the right not to be subjected to persecution, death, torture, or other cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment.  It is a means to finding safety, protection and dignity.

Instead of being mired in politics, Seton explores the human dimension.

When entering the gallery, the viewer sees an island of inflatable palm trees.

alex seton 1 Cool...Alex Seton

Last Resort 1, 2014


The mundanity of the inflated palm tree reminds us of the illusion of safety & security  that many asylum seekers are promised, but is just an illusion.

alex seton 2 Cool...Alex Seton

Durable Solutions I, 2014

Many asylum seekers are willing to embark on huge journeys in craft not suitable for the task.

alex seton 3 Cool...Alex Seton

Life Vest (emergency), 2014

The inflatable life jacket for some asylum seekers is the only security they have.   This one, rendered in heavy marble, reminds us that for some, this journey is the only hope they have for a new life.   What should be light and buoyant is, in reality, heavy and dense.

I’ve always believed that the best art is art is not only art that is beautiful and made well (Seton is a great sculptor) but also challenges you to think and feel about the world around us.  This exhibition reminds us that for most asylum seekers have reached the end of the line and will to anything to escape persecution.   The last thing we should do is send them directly back to face more.

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Cool…Alex Seton

Alex Seton’s new exhibition opens at Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney, 16 September – 11 October 2014
It wil also be exhibited at McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery, 16 November 2014 – 8 February 2015 and Linden Centre for Contemporary Art, 19 December 2014 – 15 February 2015.

You can download the exhibition catalogue ,here .

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10 September 2014

Fondation Louis Vuitton is opening their new Paris headquarters in the Bois du Boulogne this year.   Unlike the titanium clad exterior of Bilbao,  Frank Gehry’s design, is based on the idea of sails and is made of glass and steel.  These exterior shots from Vanity Fair make it look like a glittering beacon of light surrounded by forest.

The building will be used as a private museum.  Bernard Arnault,  the chairman and C.E.O. of the luxury-goods conglomerate LVMH Moët Hennessey Louis Vuitton, has certainly spared no expense, the building cost $143m to build.   LVMH commitment to art and design is strong, even here in HK, there is a gallery above the TST store that hosts exhibitions of contemporary art which are always well worth a visit.   

i.2.lvmh frank gehry building 02 600x387 Cool...Gehry for LVMH i.1.lvmh frank gehry building 01 600x405 Cool...Gehry for LVMH

Images by Vanity Fair

lv gehry 1 600x465 Cool...Gehry for LVMH

The opening of the building is being celebrated by the windows of LV stores around the world.

Image via Forbes

Frank Gehry Louis Vuitton 2 Cool...Gehry for LVMH

The building during construction.

Frank Gehry Louis Vuitton 1 600x428 Cool...Gehry for LVMH


In its beautiful setting.   Doesn’t this building remind you of that other iconic building inspired by sails, the Sydney Opera House?

image via dezeen

Sydney Opera House 1 600x444 Cool...Gehry for LVMH

What do you think?

Fondation LVMH opens 27th October 2014.

image via seesydney

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Fondation LVMH is opening their new paris hq this year. Designed by Frank Gehry, we think it is gorgeous. But rather like another iconic building we know and love? Fondation LVMH opens 27th October 2014.

1 September 2014


You may have noticed from our facebook page that we are stocking &tradition, the first shipment of furniture has sold out before it landed but we will have some display items for you to see.

The &tradition brand was established in Denmark in 2010.  Their designs are rooted in modernism but encompass not only a classical modernist aesthetic but is firmly contemporary as well.

The Copenhague lamp was designed by Space Copenhagen and has a refined industrial feel. Made of lacquered metal and suspended by a fabric cord, this light is available in 3 sizes and up to 5 colours.    The opening at the top of the light spreads light above as well as below.   The chair pictured in the second illustration is the Catch chair by Jaime Haydon, one of the world’s leading designers, with the option of 2 base shapes and upholstered in luxurious fabric and leathers.

tradition3 600x415 Cool...&tradition new showroom

The Mayor Sofa has a refined vintage feel, with the elegant buttoning and simple, high back.  I love this sofa for a more formal seating area, it would be perfect in a waiting area or office.

tradition2 600x450 Cool...&tradition new showroom

The In Between chair by Sammi Kallio won most innovative design at this years Muuz awards.  More original and less copied than a Wegner chair, it is also great to sit on.

tradition1 600x600 Cool...&tradition new showroom


I did reserve a fly chair for the showroom.  I love the traditional feel of this chairs and the cushions make it soooo comfy.    Fabulous.   I’d better not fall asleep in one of these in the store.   Wake me up, won’t you?

tradition5 600x450 Cool...&tradition new showroom

A few of these classics together.  The Fly cocktail table comes in a choice of white and black marble.

tradition4 600x450 Cool...&tradition new showroom


&tradition is also opening up a new showroom in the Papirøen area of Copenhagen.    Designed by Norm Architects, the idea of a showroom is that of a village.   Each white box contains a different monochrome environment.

“The idea is to make the structure balance between a coherent minimalist spatial art installation – drawing on inspiration from works of artists and architects such as Donald Judd, Richard Serra and Peter Eisenman, combined with classic architectural elements from the village –  the main street, the alley, the square, the tower, the city wall. Each house in this village – twelve in total – will be built with a completely matt monochrome exterior like an architectural model landscape in 1:1 revealing each house very differentiated interior with its own function and purpose. “



Screen Shot 2014 08 26 at 11.41.43 AM 600x448 Cool...&tradition new showroom

We’re pretty excited about the view!

Screen Shot 2014 08 26 at 11.40.48 AM 600x582 Cool...&tradition new showroom

The building used to be an old shipyard.

Screen Shot 2014 08 26 at 11.40.33 AM 600x450 Cool...&tradition new showroom

A peek at the space.   If you are in Copenhagen, the showroom opens on August 28th.  We couldn’t make it but we’re looking forward to the photos.

Screen Shot 2014 08 26 at 11.39.31 AM Cool...&tradition new showroom


images via &tradition

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The &tradition brand began in 2010. We’re proud to represent &tradition here in HK. By the way, we are opening a new store in Sun Street in Wanchai. The estimated date of opening will around 2nd October. Watch this space for further updates!

26 August 2014

tray 4 600x480 Win a Foglinenwork tray

we’re giving away one of our bestselling Fog Linen Work trays.   Just like us on Facebook to win…click this  link to enter, the winner will be randomly selected!

Eclectic Cool Tray Giveaway


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Win a Foglinenwork tray

Win a FogLinen Work tray by liking us on Facebook! Follow this link to win.

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15 August 2014


Our recent trip to Venice was much nicer than I remembered Venice ever being.   I have always liked the place, but this trip we took an apartment which overlooked a very sweet canal and did as the Venetians do.

I haven’t been to the Peggy Guggenheim museum for around 20 years and was pleased to say it was as magical as I remembered.  What a life she lead! Her collection is based on that sweet spot of 20th Century art, Picasso sit next to Brancusi next to Pollock all situated in a timeless palazzo on the shore of the Grand Canal in Venice.

Peggy Guggenheim Venice 20 wgsn Cool...Peggy Guggenheim

Here’s Peggy sunning herself on her balcony by the Grand Canal with one of her beloved dogs.   What a life!

image via wgsn

Her collection of sculpture is particularly well curated.   The sculpture by Marino Marini is particularly striking out the front of the Palazzo.   No wonder he looks so happy!

L1074456 Cool...Peggy Guggenheim

image by eclectic cool

The interiors of Peggy’s palazzo are also of note. The palette is kept simple, showcasing the fabulous art collection.   Cool...Peggy Guggenheim image via travel modus

The image is quite small, but there is a bold mix of black and white that contrasts with the white sofas and the paler terrazzo floor.   Versions of the sofas are still used for seating with the museum, but in white faux leather.  Nonetheless, very comfortable and with wide armrests for resting a drink on.

peggy guggeheim 2  Cool...Peggy Guggenheim

image via travelmodus

The dining table is still placed in this room, however, I didn’t see the larger heavier sideboard around, but loving the placement of the art including niches for sculpture.

L1074457 Cool...Peggy GuggenheimThe exterior is just as interesting as the interior, the juxtaposition of the artwork makes this hedge quite interesting…Giacometti casts the best shadows, don’t you think?

L1074451 Cool...Peggy Guggenheim

We could have spent all afternoon sunning ourselves on the terrace looking at the Grand Canal and the Calder.

L1074447 Cool...Peggy Guggenheim

These black grilles were used all over for security, but I loved peeking between them.  You certainly can’t beat that view.

peggy guggenheim vogue 600x424 Cool...Peggy Guggenheim

She was certainly a striking woman who could certainly pull off a crazy set of shades.   By the way, you can buy copies of them made by Safilo in the gift shop at the Museum.

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection

704 Dorsoduro, 30123 Venice
Open daily 10am-6pm
Closed Tuesday, and December 25

tel 041.2405411

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I know, I know…I have been super quiet on the blog for ages. I’ve been taking a break and spending time with my family as well as working of course. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel intermittently. I have been lucky to have been in Australia, China, Italy and now currently Croatia. I’ve taken lots of pics that I will share with you in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

14 August 2014










I follow one of our favourite brands, Dinosaur Designs on Facebook and was enticed by an image that was posted of their new Melbourne store.   I searched and found these images on the blog of mrjasongrant dinosaur designs store melbourne

I love BKH’s  combo bronze and marble materials- mixed with mirror- but made cool by the use of curved lines.    The display cases are custom made by an artist,  Jason Christopher, I do believe.   Love him too.   You can see one of the little side tables that have just been released by DD.   Love them too, but not so sure about the fragility and the HKD21K price tag. dinosaur designs store melbourne

Love, love, love this door handle- DD is at its best when using this gorgeous metallic resin. dinosaur designs store melbourne

NIce lighting and a nice bit of marble. dinosaur designs store melbourne


The backlit sign is a nice touch.  Have to use this idea somewhere soon….

If you are not familiar with BKH’s interiors, they are Australia’s leading interior designers and I have to say they are world class.  They have a practice in New York as well but are not really all that well known out of Australia.  Though they should be.   You can check out their website here.

images via mrjasongrant

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One of our most popular brands, Dinosaur Designs, has just opened the doors to their newly redesigned store in Melbourne’s GPO. Designed by cool interior firm, BKH, the store juxtaposes simplicity of material with the organic lines of Dinosaur Design’s own aesthetic.

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9 July 2014


Neri + Hu are our favourite Chinese designers.   We’re totally loving this office created for Flamingo in Shanghai.   The clerestory windows create a beautifully lit attic environment.

Flamingo Shanghai office by Neri and Hu dezeen ss 4 600x428 cool...flamingo office by neri+hu

The gorgeous industrial feel of the space are divided by concrete partitions and beautiful whitewashed bamboo.   Are they HAY chairs we spy?

Flamingo Shanghai office by Neri and Hu dezeen 12 cool...flamingo office by neri+hu

Love the stainless steel partitions…

Flamingo Shanghai office by Neri and Hu dezeen 10 cool...flamingo office by neri+hu

& the lighting punctuating the space….

Flamingo Shanghai office by Neri and Hu dezeen 8 cool...flamingo office by neri+hu

fab windows and lighting emphasising the shape of the ceiling….

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cool…flamingo office by neri+hu

We are totally loving the Flamingo offices designed by Neri+Hu in Shanghai. The refined palette is simply superb. Pity you have to spoil the space by putting people in it…

3 July 2014

street market 600x900 Cool...urban discovery

image via pinterest

We so honoured to be included on the Urban Discovery app, iDiscover.   If you haven’t heard about the folks at Urban Discovery, you can check out their website.

Screen Shot 2014 06 23 at 12.26.59 PM 600x506 Cool...urban discovery

image via the appstore

Urban Discovery’s app is a free download via the Appstore.  It is a series of bilingual 2 hour city walks .  The Sai Kung walk comes free with the initial app download, with the other 3 destinations available for HKD15 per walk.

In addition to the app, Urban Discovery offers culinary tours (you can see a review of one in Sassy here) and even a HK version of the great race! It’s a great way to discover our amazing city.



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Have you heard about the cool app,Urban Discovery app? Offering foodie, cultural and shopping tours of Hong Kong, it’s a must have on your iPhone. You can download the app here.

23 June 2014

Screen Shot 2014 06 18 at 10.04.59 AM armadillo

This rug would work either in a kids’ room or a  fun living room.  We love the muted background and the pop of colour…and with all armadillo rugs- they come in a range of colourways.

Screen Shot 2014 06 18 at 10.04.43 AM armadillo

These are super fun and would really dress up any kids bedroom.

Screen Shot 2014 06 18 at 10.04.33 AM armadillo

I want one of these for my daughter’s room…you could pick up so many colours in the window coverings and walls, and you wouldn’t have to work too hard with accessories…

Screen Shot 2014 06 18 at 10.04.24 AM armadillo

For the boy in your life….

Screen Shot 2014 06 18 at 10.03.52 AM armadillo

This is their new sierra range.   I love, love this knitted stitch, it’s like a woolly blanket for your floor.

Screen Shot 2014 06 18 at 10.14.22 AM armadillo Screen Shot 2014 06 18 at 10.14.10 AM armadillo


Client’s are always amazed at how fabulous these round  hemp rugs look on their floors…they have a boho feel but look amazing with spare furniture…





Screen Shot 2014 06 18 at 10.03.29 AM armadillo


The quality of Armadillo rugs are second to none.  We just installed a pebble weave in a client’s home recently, and though we are still waiting for the furniture to arrive to complete the room, the client is amazed at the difference in the look of the space.

You can check out Armadillo online and in store….

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Armadillo’s new collection of rugs are the nicest that I have seen in so long. If you don’t know about this amazing brand, you should check them out in our store.

They began with simple handmade rugs in hemp and wool. These rugs are crafted in India from the finest materials. Over the last few years, the brand has developed, maintaining their high standards of quality but branching out into rugs with more pattern and colour. Check out their new collection….

18 June 2014
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